Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Flower garden theme adult coloring book

Art therapy has been used for years, but has gained much popularity recently. Therapists have found that art therapy has proved to be extremely useful for people diagnosed with cancer, depression, stress, dementia, anxiety and PTSD to name a few. It has been said that coloring brings about a calm mindset by allowing our brains to ''switch off' from our thoughts and focus on the moment. The garden\flower theme of this adult coloring book is a perfect gift for that special someone who needs a little time out...

Bonsai gift in a box

If you are a garden lover, then you will love this gift!  Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art of growing miniature trees in a tray-like pot called a 'bon'. Trees can grow for hundreds if not thousands of years and some of the oldest known Bonsai's are over 800 years old! Each and every Bonsai is unique in its growth and form and anyone who loves plants and nature will enjoy  receiving a bonsai starter kit that  they can grow and nurture into their very own Bonsai's! I just love my bonsai's at home and one can never have enough of them!  This Bonsai kit comes with three different tree seeds, 6 pots and everything else needed to get started. What a neat idea!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Egg shells in the garden.

Do you throw away your egg shells? Please don't! Did you know they are wonderful for the garden in so many ways! Crushed egg shells can add valuable nutrients to the soil - they add calcium to the soil which is often depleted by fast growing plants. You can add your coffee grounds to these crushed egg shells which will provide additional nitrogen to your soil - great for plants!
Slugs and snails don't like egg shells, so they can be used around your tomato and marigold plants.
Check out this site for some great uses for egg shells in your garden! Happy gardening xxx

Give a gift bulb!

Have you ever considered giving a bulb as a gift? Any gardener loves bulbs and the gorgeous flowers they produce. I admire the beautiful flowers of bulbs, but seldom buy the 'special'ones because they are often quite expensive compared to other plants. What a clever idea to make and present this beautiful bulb gift for a gardener! I just love this idea and will definately be making these for my fellow gardener pals!  You could change it slightly and give the bulb gift in a beautiful pot - I know I would love a gift like that. So, get creative and custom make your own gardeners gifts xxx

A gardeners gift set made by you!

How nice is it to receive a gift that has been made with you in mind! Take a look at this neat idea- putting together a gift set for that special gardener in your life - whether it be a neighbour, a family member or even a friend - you can custom make it to suit that special person! I heart this idea - watch out my gardener friends - this may just come your way!